We at ShoreStation decided to buck tradition. We chose to break the mold and improve on current boat lift technology by creating the fastest boat lift on the market. To do this, we focused on a boat lift’s most obvious weakness – its lift speed – and did away with unnecessary luxuries or impractical features.

Our solution is our very own FlexPower system, a DC-powered lift mechanism that is superior to other options in the market today. We’ve ensured not only the speed of this lift, but also its overall quality. With the revolutionary FlexPower system, you’ll have the best of both worlds: lift speed and durability. We’ve even included a number of very useful features, such as a solar charger, wireless remote control, and more.

Moreover, we assure you that this lift is user-friendly, and although it may still take some getting used to, we’re certain that you’ll appreciate its better build and more efficient construction.

As a boat lift dealer in Rockport, we can offer you choices. With us, you can buy the lift that’s the exact fit for your marine vehicle. Our range of lifts features weight capacities from 1,500 to 15,000 pounds. If you want to ensure that your boat is safely elevated, we also sell Boat House lifts. Boathouses will better protect your marine vehicle from natural disasters, which are notorious for destroying boats on shorelines.

Ensuring Authenticity

If you plan to buy one of our lifts, we highly encourage you to deal directly with us. Any third-party sale may void the warranty, and this is something we don’t want for our customers. We’re dedicated to great customer service, and we can ensure this quality of service, if you go straight to us. We can assure you that you get nothing but original, top-quality, brand-new products when you buy directly from us, or from any of our local authorized dealers. Get in touch if you’d like to replace your old boat lift with something revolutionary. Call us today!

Key Allegro Charter Boats Exclusive Distributor
Rockport, Texas