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2017 ShoreStation Reel Moments Realized


2017 ShoreStation Expand Your Horizons

2014 ShoreStation Boat Lift: First Look Video

There's a new boat lift in town: the ShoreStation Hydraulic Boat Lift, introduced at the 2014 Miami International Boat Show. The introduction was quite a success, too, and it won an NMMA Innovation Award. Read Article »

ShoreStation FlexPower Hydraulic Boat House Lift

Wakeboard Pro Zane Schwenk talks about the revolutionary ShoreStation FlexPower Hydraulic Boathouse Lift

ShoreStation Boat House and Pile Mount Lifts

Inner Workings of the Hydraulic Lift Tube

Our hydraulic ram retracts causing the pulley block to move and thus creating the lifting motion. The cables are never wound around a winch drum or pipe significantly reducing cable fatigue.

ShoreStation 20,000 lb pile mount lift installation

Time lapse installation of a 20,000 lbs capacity FlexPower Hydraulic pile mount lift (includes arial footage)

Demo Trailer Assembly

Step by step instructions on how to assemble and operate the overhead lift demo trailer

Overhead Lift Operation

Lightning fast lift time on display at several boat shows around the country!

View all boat shows »

Overhead Lift "Hidden Install"

Pictures and video from a recent install into a boat house in Tennessee. The lift tubes were mounted in the roof for an ultra-clean look and very quiet operation.

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