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The boating industry moves fast, so whether you're a first time trailer owner or a big shot industry insider, it's important to keep up to date with the latest news. This is your one-stop source for everything from boat show schedules to information about the newest ShoreStation products.


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Recent News

Dale Squires, Southeast Regional Sales Manager for ShoreStation will be presenting at the Florida Marine Contractor Association

October 13, 2014

Dale Squires, Southeast Regional Sales Manager for ShoreStation will be presenting at the Florida Marine Contractor' Association on Friday, October 17th in St. Petersburg, FL. The seminar, entitled "Hydraulics, the New Generation" is aimed to educate the audience about the simplicity and functionality of hydraulic boat lift systems, and how they provide unique solutions and advantages over conventional gear motor lifts. See the upcoming FMCA Expo details along with the latest achievements on behalf of the Florida marine construction business at www.myfmca.org.

Midwest Celebrates 60 Years of Excellence

September 13, 2014

This year marks the 60th Anniversary of Midwest Industries, Inc. It's hard to believe that it's been sixty years since Byron developed, launched, and executed his vision that would become Midwest Industries, Inc. View Details of the Event »

Enjoying Retirement with Legendary NFL Colt

August 8, 2014

Spent the afternoon with legendary NFL Colt – and ShoreStation owner – Dallas Clark. Some people really know what they need to enjoy retirement…
Dallas Clark Action Dallas Clark Group Shot Dallas Clark Kevin

ShoreStation and HGTV's Blog Cabin ShoreStation Boathouse lift was the lift of choice for the HGTV project in Winter Haven.Blog Cabin Project | Video Gallery | Photo Gallery Learn more about ShoreStation Boat House Lifts »

Press Releases

DC Power Makes Boat Lifts Safe and Reliable

DC Power Makes Boat Lifts Safe and ReliableShoreStation broke the traditional molds when it introduced its FlexPower® system, resulting in the fastest boat lifts on the market. DC battery power is the brawn behind FlexPower, purposely chosen for its safety and superior performance over AC in marine environments. Dependable DC power, combined with ShoreStation's time-tested boat lift design, a solar charger and wireless remotes, results in a powerful and worry-free means to get a boat on and off the water. DC power performs better in wet environments where corrosion is inevitable. Corrosion in an AC circuit increases amp draw, resulting in aggravating GFCI tripping. DC systems may experience corrosion on the motor brushes, but the deep-cycle battery provides ample amperage to get it moving, obliterating corrosion and returning the system back to normal. Today's high-speed boat lifts also need a lot of power, another area in which a DC system shines. Long power runs from the AC breaker panel to the boat lift are prone to voltage drop. Such brown-out conditions are very hard on AC motors. This can lead to nuisance GFCI tripping, stranding a boat on a lift and expensive motor replacement. With ShoreStation's FlexPower, the battery acts as a buffer between the power supply and lift. It delivers maximum and constant power to the motor for fast lift times, eliminating low AC voltage issues and ensuring years of trouble-free operation. ShoreStation FlexPower also removes the worry of battery drain and maintenance. Its choice of charging systems keep the battery at peak power, and enable the user to leave it on the lift, even through the winter. ShoreStation's FlexPower system is powered by two marine deep-cycle batteries, allowing the system's charge to be maintained by a 20W solar panel and completely removing the need for an AC power circuit on the dock. This not only eliminates the high, up-front cost of the circuit, but also its annual inspection and maintenance to ensure safety and reliability. For users who prefer AC power, ShoreStation offers the 110V Battery Tender® to quickly charge and then maintain the battery. This option requires secure and waterproof electrical connections, including GFCI protection. ShoreStation FlexPower lifts are available in hydraulic or electric configurations in a wide range of capacities. Hydraulic lifts, available in 4,000 to 15,000 lb. capacities, get boaters on and off the water in less than a minute. This fast, direct-lift design pulls cables, never winding them, and keeps the hydraulic pump and cylinder above the waterline. The electric lifts are available in 1,500 to 7,000 lb. capacities. They integrate the time-tested winch with direct drive motor into a system that efficiently powers the lift with a push of a button on the remote. ShoreStation FlexPower lifts have a MSRP of $8,000-$35,000 (price based on weight capacity).

Midwest Industries Signs On With Martin Flory Group

Enhancing its visibility within the consumer boating community, Midwest Industries, Inc., has hired public relations firm Martin Flory Group. Midwest Industries' products include ShoreStation boat lifts and docks, and ShoreLand'r trailers. Martin Flory Group will represent Midwest Industries with the US and Canadian media. Based in Ida Grove, Iowa, Midwest Industries is a family-owned company and won a 2014 NMMA Product Innovation Award for its ShoreStation FlexPower Hydraulic lifts. Available for both boat house and pile mount applications, they are the fastest lifts on the market, pulling 96" of cable per minute. "Midwest Industries is revolutionizing the boat lift market, and we're honored to be part of their team. Both of our companies have been in business more than 50 years, and share a dedication to quality and superior service," said Laura Martin, Martin Flory Group president. Since 1962, Martin Flory Group has provided cost-effective product promotion and publicity for companies in the marine, RV and outdoor industries. The company works with editors and writers worldwide to help clients enhance their visibility and build sales.

ShoreStation Raises the Bar for Boat Lifts

For decades, boat owners have struggled to keep their boat clean and in top shape due to corrosive marine environments. Boat lifts have provided a solution, but not without hassles for the owner. ShoreStation, from Midwest Industries, solves this with its FlexPower® hydraulic boat lifts. Many traditional boat house and piling mounted lifts use cables wound around poles or drums to lift the boat. Wound cable rubs against itself causing fraying and diminishing cable life. Traditional lifts are also very slow and require costly maintenance. Instead of this outdated system, ShoreStation's hydraulic lift system utilizes DC power and hydraulic cylinders to pull the cables, providing the fastest lift speeds on the market while minimizing cable wear. This no-maintenance cable system can't overwind or unspool like traditional lifts either. The stainless steel cables come with an industry-leading 15-year warranty. ShoreStation FlexPower hydraulic lifts are available for both boat house and pile mount applications. Winner of the 2014 NMMA Product Innovation Award and the fastest lift on the market, ShoreStation FlexPower hydraulic lifts pull 96" of cable per minute. On windy or wavy days, a slow-moving lift can be a safety issue. With ShoreStation FlexPower hydraulic lifts, the platform quickly captures the boat, reducing the time needed to hold it in place. Operating on DC power ensures owners can avoid the hassle of costly electrical installations or issues. Easier to maintain and safer than AC power, DC power eliminates electricity hazards. There's also no risk of a power outage ruining a day on the water. DC operation enables solar power to charge the lift's battery. Since the battery is always charging, it can deliver 10-13 lifts in one day. ShoreStation also offers solar lights, canopy lights and accessories. Each lift comes with two wireless key fobs for convenient remote operation. They can also be programmed to control some of the accessories. For more peace of mind for boat owners, ShoreStation FlexPower hydraulic lifts come with upper limit switches, preventing users from lifting the boat too high. Owners also no longer have to worry about residue dripping down onto their boat from greasy overhead cable winders. ShoreStation FlexPower hydraulic lifts are available in 4,000 lb. to 30,000 lb. capacities and have a manufacturer's suggested retail price range of $8,000-$35,000 (price based on weight capacity). More information on the benefits of ShoreStation over traditional lifts can be found here.

ShoreStation honored for Innovation at the 2014 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show

IDA GROVE, Iowa – ShoreStation was honored today for innovative achievement by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) at the 2014 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show. The Iowa-based company took home a 2014 Innovation Award during NMMA's State of Recreational Boating Industry Breakfast, held Thursday, February 13th, at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Jon Devitt, Andy Brosius, and Dale Squires were on-hand to receive the award. The Innovation Awards, organized by NMMA and judged by BWI, recognize products that best meet the following criteria: innovative distinction from other products currently being manufactured; benefit to the marine industry and/or consumer; practicality; cost-effectiveness; and availability to the consumer within 60 days of award receipt. "As judges, every year we debate the idea of innovation amongst many great products," said Zuzana Prochazka, Innovation Awards judge chair, freelance writer and photographer for various boating publications such as Boat US and Boats.com current Chair of the BWI New Products Committee. "We look forward to seeing how these products adapt in the marketplace and advance recreational boating." Prochazka is also the current Chair of the BWI New Products Committee. ShoreStation Hydraulic Overhead Lifts have not only attracted industry attention but water sporting enthusiasts as well. "It's fast, easy to use and maintenance-free," stated Zane Schwenk, Pro Wake Boarder. "We use the boat quite often, so the speed to launch and lift is really nice." For decades boat house and piling mounted lifts have used cables wound around poles or drums to lift the boat. This technique creates safety issues due to cable fatigue. "ShoreStation's hydraulic lift system is mounted on both applications using hydraulic cylinders," said Jon Devitt, ShoreStation's Vice President of Engineering. "These cylinders pull the cables which minimizes the wear seen on drums where cables are wound." ShoreStation offers a 15 year cable warranty. Owner Steve Covington praises ShoreStation's 24V DC FlexPower™ system. "Two deep cycle 12V batteries run my lift. I had the option of an 110V Battery Tender® or a solar panel to keep them topped off," stated Covington. "I didn't have to pay an electrician several thousand dollars to install a marine-grade 120' run of AC power out to my slip. I also don't have to worry about stalled AC motors." When Covington isn't on the water, he performs as a USGS Flight Systems Manager for NASA. "Since our systems are hydraulic, the power is delivered through hoses," said Devitt. "This allows the power unit to be mounted up to 20' away from the boat lift. These hoses allow the system enormous installation flexibility and hidden components; a pole winder's motor is hanging right out there for all your guests to see." Devitt's challenge was to keep the lift level during operation without operator intervention. "Our simple hydraulic system features a tandem power unit that is two individual pumps coupled to a single electric motor," stated Devitt. "Every motor rotation forces the same volume of fluid to each side of the lift. It's a big advantage over multi-motor systems that need to be tended to keep the boat level." Savvy technical aspects aside, wake boarder Schwenk focuses on the lift's convenience. "The remote makes it great as I approach the lift. I can even enter the boat house without having to adjust the boat around," he said, board in hand, heading to his boat house. "Best accessory to my boat in my 20 plus years as a pro wake boarder!"

ShoreStation® Adds PWC Storage Platform to its Product Line New JetStation Works With Both Floating and Stationary Dock

IDA GROVE, Iowa – Continuing to expand options for its customers, ShoreStation® has added the new JetStation floating PWC (personal watercraft) storage platform to its line of waterfront equipment. "It's easy to see why these drive-on, drive-off platforms are so popular – it's such an elegant, simple concept," ShoreStation Director of Product Development Jon Devitt said. "We spent a lot of time on the design of our mooring kits to give them a clean look and make sure that they protect the vessel." The attractive sand-beige colored JetStation is compatible with ShoreStation's floating and stationary docks using the uniquely designed mooring kit that comes standard with the unit. The mooring options allow for side-mount or front-mount installation of a JetStation to the dock. Multiple JetStations can also be installed side-by-side for additional PWC storage. A universal mounting kit is also available for compatibility with other types of docks. A PWC can be driven right up onto a JetStation, allowing drivers and passengers easy access to and from the dock. With a 1,500-pound capacity, JetStations will accommodate a wide variety of PWC models, including the larger three-person machines. In addition, the adjustable inline rollers can be raised or lowered to fit different hull styles. Made of a durable, maintenance-free, poly material, JetStations are designed to last for years. The non-marking keel and in-line-rollers allow for easy loading and launching.

ShoreStation® Dock Offers Eon Marine® Sideboards For a Great Wood Look That is Maintenance-Free

IDA GROVE, Iowa – ShoreStation® aluminum dock is now available with new maintenance-free Eon Marine® sideboards. Comprised of high-tech polymers, Eon Marine is a unique material that presents the realistic look of full grain wood in a long-term durable package. "Many of our customers want a maintenance-free aluminum dock, but they also love the look of natural wood," said Don Rusch, ShoreStation's vice president of marketing. "With these new Eon Marine sideboards they can now have both – durable aluminum decking with maintenance–free sideboards that that have that natural wood appearance. "The 100 percent synthetic Eon Marine sideboards are resistant to extreme temperatures, mildew, UV rays and insects, making them highly durable and long lasting. They will not warp, fade or rot and are boat-friendly with no outward bolts or fasteners that could cause damage. The new sideboards are the latest addition to ShoreStation®'s popular aluminum dock. The aluminum deck planks are coated with a speckled-beige powder paint that remains cool to the touch on bright, sunny days. The finish also provides a non-skid surface free of splinters, sharp edges and nails. "We are so pleased with this Eon material," said Rusch, "that we have taken the next step and developed some matching Eon dock accessories." These new accessories include a Dock Bench and Swivel Chair that are both maintenance-free and feature built-in cup holders. ShoreStation aluminum dock with Eon Marine sideboards is backed by a ten year limited warranty.

New Aluminum Dock Highlights

The 2002 Genuine ShoreStation® Dock Line ShoreStation®, the leading producer of boat hoists and lakefront dock and recreation systems,introduces the Aluminum Dock to its Genuine ShoreStation Dock line for 2002. The new Aluminum Dock offers several distinct advantages over other available dock options using traditional wood or plastic materials. The aluminum planking is custom-extruded and features a non-skid baked-on powder-coated finish. This provides users with a non-slip finish that is cooler to the touch than wood or plastic, and is significantly more durable than either material over time. "Our aluminum planking is manufactured exclusively for Genuine ShoreStation Dock," said Don Rusch, Marketing Manager for ShoreStation. "In addition to added durability, our powdercoated aluminum planking is seven to ten degrees cooler to the touch than other materials on a sunny 98 degree day. That's a temperature decrease that is instantly recognizable." Rusch also noted that users of the Aluminum Dock will never have to worry about splinters, loose nails or sharp edges cutting into their fun. Plus, the treated cedar side boards feature a soft, rolled edge that looks great, is gentle to the touch and protects the finish of boating equipment. The Aluminum Dock sits at the top of the Genuine ShoreStation Dock line, which also includes the Nostalgic Cedar Dock, and a host of available accessories. Genuine ShoreStation Dock accessories such as bench seating, lighted gear towers and more allow lake home owners to create a lakefront system that precisely meets their recreational needs today, yet retains the ability to be further customized to meet changing needs in the future. ShoreStation is also the leading manufacturer of boat and personal watercraft hoists, which integrate seamlessly with the Genuine ShoreStation Dock, further enhancing the utility of the lakefront system. With more than 50 models of hoists available, ShoreStation hoists can handle everything from a personal watercraft to a 15,000 pound cruiser.

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